Can I Predict my last period?

Can I Predict My Last Period?

The average age when women experience menopause is 51 years, an age that has remained fairly constant over centuries though the average age for onset of menstruation has decreased. About half of all women stop menstruating before they turn 51 and half stop menstruating afterwards.

Although there is no way you can predict exactly when menopause will occur there are factors that influence its timing.

The age you begin to menstruate may affect age of menopause though no studies prove this. Mothers and daughters tend to experience menopause at the same age suggested by retrospective cross-sectional studies. Smoking can cause earlier menopause by 1.5 years. Undernourished and     thin     women    experience    slightly earlier menopause. Factors that do not influence the time of menopause are whether

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or not you took the oral contraceptive pill and age when you had your first and last child. Race, numbers of children and height have no influence on the timing of menopause.